Friday, February 27, 2009

All an act??? Then why does Mike have a fractured vertebrae?

I just got back from the hospital with Mike. They brought him in for more testing to see if there really was something wrong with him. Surprise, surprise!

Mike has a fracture of his L2 vertebrae, an injury that various doctors have said can only be caused by a strong force. Now the police witness who claims that Mike didn't need crutches is a moot point. Now, the way he recieved the injury must be explained as it is not on the end of his spine, rather one of the middle Lumbar vertebrae, which is part or the lower spine.

according to:

"In young adults, lumbar spine fractures are commonly associated with multisystemic blunt trauma...Injuries are most common in patients aged 30-39 years and least common in persons younger than 18 years. Compression fractures are the most typical injury in the lumbar spine."

Mike is out of work for another 3 weeks at least, and his going to therapy to get back in shape.

Don't believe the lies coming out of the police department! Don't believe one word they say!


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