Sunday, April 5, 2009

A modern history lesson: How the extreme right gets its message out in Austria

In this post we will take a look at some of the sick tactics the FPÖ - (Freedom Party Austria) use to recruit members, shut out foreigners, and dived the country.

The FPÖ has made quite a comeback recently with their pretty boy HC Strache showing his mug all over the place, on every street corner, bus/tram stop, in rallies, etc. His main message is to protect "Real Austrians" or those blonde hair blue eyed people who were actually born here or have an Austrian sounding last name. Anyone else can go to hell!

How do they do it? Simple slogans, not much facts, twisting statistics, photoshopping pictures, comic books for kids showing superhero Strache cleaning Turkish people out of parks & blacks off the streets, organizing youth organizations to indoctrinate youth with hate, the list goes on. Following are a look at some paraphenalia from the FPÖ which Austria has been bombarded with over the last 3-5 years:

This poster is from the FPÖ's youth organization:
On the cigarette pack:
Mixed Sorte (take on the cigarette brand Milde Sorte)
Warning on bottom of package: immigration can be deadly.
first row of White letters on the bottom: Young - Brash - Bound to the Future

Red letters: Free Women not Head Scarfs
non-bold black letters: SPÖ-Haupl supports Turkey's entrance into the EU, and allowing foreigners the right to vote Fundamentalism will flow and this will open the door to allow it.
Bold black letters: No entrance into the EU for Turkey
No fundamentalism
For free independent women

This poster says:
Innsbruck it's Time!
X-Security not Asylum abuse
X-Home not Over-Immigration
X-Church towers not Minarrets

The letters in Red in the center of the poster say:
German not "not understand"
(poking fun at the way foreigners sometimes indicate they can't understand what someone is saying)

Red letters: Secure Pensions not Asylum Millions

Red letters: Asylum cheating means Homeland betrayal

Red & White letters: Building mosques isn't fun

Words in black w/yellow background: Now it's about us Austrians

Stop the overpopulating with immigrants!

Red letters: The homeland not Islam
(Daham is a dialekt expression for saying 'the home or homeland')

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